Our Business

We focus on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of electronic consumer products. According to different customer needs, we integrate the whole supply chain from market demand analysis, R & D, production and sales, provide end-to-end solutions, and cutting-edge, high-quality and cost-effective products and services for our enterprises and end consumer customers.

R&D and Manufacture

We have a professional team focusing on the R & D of electronic consumer products. We have established in-depth strategic cooperation with 69 factories, and this number is still increasing. Be able to provide the most cutting-edge and coolest products and quickly deliver all kinds of electronic consumer products;

Marketing & Sales

We expand sales channels through traditional offline and emerging online sales networks. We have established stable customer resources and channels with China and global enterprise. We look forward to working with more global customers.

Supply Chain Integration

We are located in Shenzhen, the world's largest production base of electronic products. We have integrated multiple end-to-end supply channels from the source of materials. We can accurately grasp the valuable market demand and get rapid response and realization. Turn your ideas and needs into high-quality and competitive cost products

Why Choose Us?


Our technical team has rich experience in OEM design and customization according to customer's needs.

Quality Control

All our cooperative factories have passed ISO9001, and our professional QA to do quality control throughout the process

High Efficiency

Samples are available in 1-7 days, and normal order delivery time is only 7-15 days.

Quick Service

Your inquiry can be responded within 5-10 minutes during working hours and within 12 hours during close time.

Safe Delivery

Update your the 1st hand production information every 3 to 5 days and update shipping progress within 36 hours.

After Sales Guarantee

12 months warranty after delivery. Products that are not artificially damaged can be replaced with new.